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Episode #8 on “Song Twos” is now up!

Hello donkeys!

Excellent show this week, thanks for tuning in as always! To recap, we explored SONG TWOS, or the second track of the album. We heard a lot of excellent tracks including some classical tunes, which helped us explain why these tracks are almost always standouts – once we get passed the introductory overture, artists reassure us that the rest of the album is worth listening to by throwing us a killer second track.

Or something. Here’s where my nightmare comes true in that I’ve had my iTunes (aka Winamp) on “shuffle” for the past 10 years, and none of my album-order thoughts, of which I have many, make any sense. But what is Modern Donkey if not a platform for unnecessary exposition on things that no one intended to be, um, exposed?

What I’m trying to say is… I never said I was right.

(I probably said I was right.)

Click play below to hear “Song Twos – 03/07/12”

Download it. (right-click, select “Save Link As”)

Playlist for “Song Twos”.


Bjork – Joga (live), a particularly moody, aberration-from-the-rest-of-the-album’s-feel track 2 (and the video quality is just not crappy enough to identify the first violin as John Oliver!)


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